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The Inkwell

If you can't fight, wear a big hat!

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Created on 2009-06-21 06:41:03 (#412683), last updated 2012-01-13 (300 weeks ago)

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Name:The Jenniführer
Birthdate:Oct 8
Website:the real Inkwell

Interests (42):

20th century european history, alchemy, astronomy, big hats, busking, classical music, d20, dc is gay, dragons, dukat did your mom, el tempesta!, emperor palpatine, eyebite, fanfiction, fantasy, fire, gnomes, gypsies, lich loved, literature, lobsters, me, middle aged men, musicals, octorape man, one punch!!, philosophy sucks, pirates, post apocolyptic metaphorical bullshit, pretentious things, pyramid head ♥, quick build an insta-barricade!!, ryuuguu, samuel r. delany, sequential art, superman is a dick, video games, who watches the watchmen?, wiffle bats, writing, zombiez,
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